Cancelled Alarm Monitoring Reactivation Services
A Division of American Digital Monitoring

American Digital Monitoring®   provides wholesale contract monitoring for over 1,700 independent alarm dealers with over 190,000 accounts in The U.S. and Canada since 1968. 

If you were directed to this website it's because at one time an authorized local alarm company installed a security or fire system into your premises and had it monitored at an American Digital Monitoring ®  center located in Seattle, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Baton Rouge, Miami or Austin. 

Then at some point, the local alarm company either went out of business or your account was cancelled with American Digital Monitoring ® , but the alarm transmitter in your premises was never disconnected from either a phone line, internet transmitter or cellular transmitter, allowing it to continue to send in alarm signals.

At this point your alarm system is considered an ORPHANED  accountaccountaccount as it is not an active account, but still sending in signals to American Digital Monitoring ® .

However, all your previous alarm information, including your address, contact information, alarm zone information, police, fire and medical emergency contact information and passwords are stored at American Digital Monitoring ®,  allowing alarm monitoring service to be reactivated within minutes if you so desire.

This website has been provided to allow any orphaned account to either restart their alarm monitoring directly with American Digital Monitoring ® or to obtain step by step instructions on how to disconnect their alarm system from sending in alarm signals to American Digital Monitoring ®. 

To restart   your alarm monitoring services for only $10.95 per month, pre-paid 3, 6 or 12 months, select the RESTART MY SERVICE tab.

To not restart   your alarm monitoring services, and to disconnect it from American Digital Monitoring ®, select the DON'T RESTART MY SERVICE tab. 

If you have previously restarted   your alarm monitoring services through this website, all future contact with American Digital Monitoring ®  can be done through another website by selecting the EXISTING SUBSCRIBER  tab. 

Once your service has been restarted, if you need technical support,   ,,, you can obtain FREE phone support by selecting the I NEED REPAIR SERVICE tab. 

Once your service has been restarted, if you elect to stop the monitoring service, you can do so by selecting the I WANT TO CANCEL tab. 





  In compliance with UL 827, Standard for Central Station Services,
Automation systems and NFPA72 National Fire Alarm Code.      

  *Nationwide Licensing

Alabama*944165 California*ACO6923 Colorado*1042146 Delaware*796477048077 Florida*EF20000676 Idaho*A362ID Illinois*67181018 Kentucky*0000493 Maryland*107-1655 Minnesota*38970712 Nevada*2010056895713 Oklahoma*1763 Texas*B16900 Virginia*F1830608 Washington*601752286

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